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Every netfishes domain comes with 2 free 100mb self-setup email accounts that can be managed in the netfishes client area.  Interested in assisted email setup? netfishes offers this service for $10 per account creation.   You can access these accounts with email third party clients like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird or any service that manages POP or IMAP protocols. Should you prefer you can manage the email accounts via the webmail interface located at (encrypted) or  An email will be sent with setup detail when your email account is created.


1. Access the client area by visiting

2. Login using the email associated with your netfishes account. Click the Forgot Password button if you are unable to remember it.
login module for netfishes

3. From the top menu select Domains>My Domains, select the Domain tile, or click here.

4. To the right of the domain select the drop down arrow then Manage Domain.
Select Mangage Domains from within the netfishes client area

5. From the Manage module select Manage Mail Hosting.
Manage Mail Hosting from the Manage menu in the netfishes client area.

6. From the Manage Mail Hosting menu below the main menu, select Create Email Accounts.
netfishes client area manage mail hosting module

7. Fill out the form provided.
netfishes free email account creation form

8. Success! You can now access your email by visiting either (encrypted), or by visiting For POP3 or IMAP use the protocols that were displayed after you created the account.

protocol address for netfishes free domain emails.

NOTICE: We highly recommend using POP to access your mail with an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird, or another third party service like gmail.  This will prevent your mailbox from filling up and blocking new messages. Be sure to configure your client to not leave messages on the server.

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