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Expiry, Auto-renewal & Deletion Policies


Domain names are registered for a discrete period of time. It is your sole and exclusive obligation to keep track of this period, and to maintain up-to-date payment information should you choose to have us renew the domain name. We encourage you to renew your domain name sufficently before the date of expiration to ensure that registration problems do not cause the domain name to lapse.


Should a domain name not be renewed before its' expiry date in most instances (see table below) it will be automatically renewed at the registry and slip into the Renewal Grace Period. During this period any website and emails associated with the domain name will become non-functional. netfishes reserve the right to display a commercial domain parking page which will indicate that the domain name has expired.

Auto-renewal at registry is not immediate and often takes 48 hours to complete. Domain names in the Renewal Grace Period can be renewed at their normal rate, if you registered your domain name through a UK2 Reseller please contact your reseller to do so. After you have renewed your domain name please allow 24-48 hours for DNS propagation to complete.


If a domain name is not renewed during the Renewal Grace Period then the domain name is deleted. Provided there is no back-orders for the domain it will generally enter the Redemption Grace Period.

The Redemption Grace Period generally lasts for 30 days after the domain name has been deleted, during this time it may be possible to redeem your domain name. Domain redemption is a costly, time-consuming and generally a manual process. Only the current registrar of the domain name can redeem the domain name.

If a domain name is not redeemed during this period, it will generally move to the Pending Delete period for 5 days before becoming available for fresh registration.

Money Back Grace Period

To help correct errors in mistakenly registered domain names, most domain registries (see table below) operate a Money Back Grace Period. During this period, you will be able to delete your domain name and obtain refund of your registry fees, less a $2.50 charge for the deletion action.

Deleting a domain name immediately stops all domain functionality, the domain will not enter the Redemption Grace Period and will be immediately available for fresh registration.

Registry Table

Renewal and money back grace periods are shown below. Table last updated 23rd March 2010.

Please note: .EU domain names do not have a grace period, they expire and are deleted on the penultimate day of the month one year from registration / owner modification.

Domain Name ExtensionRenewal Grace Period (days)Money Back Grace Period (days)
.COM and .NET 30 4
.ORG 40 4
.BIZ 30 4
.INFO 30 4
.NAME 30 4
.MOBI 40 4
.US 30 4
.IN 15 4
.EU 0 0
.BZ 40 4
.MN 40 4
.CC 40 4
.TV 40 4
.WS 40 0

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